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Princeton Technology has been in the contract manufacturing business for over 20 years. We specialize in the contract manufacturing of high quality electronic assemblies. From prototypes to small and medium production volumes of surface mount technology (SMT), through hole and mixed technology, Princeton Technology can fulfill your needs. Put our experience to work for you! Princeton has a highly skilled engineering and manufacturing staff that can assist you in every aspect of your product delvelopment and product manufacturing.

In the fast paced world of electronics, it pays dividends to have a reliable partner that is an expert in their given field. Sunstone is not a PCB assembly expert, but we have a solution for that. Located just a matter of miles from our Oregon based manufacturing facility Screaming Circuits is our assembly expert.

"We do mostly prototypes and just need fast turnaround...I am very happy with the Sunstone/Screaming Circuits combined solution."
Maxine M Gibeau, - GE Global Research

Let's face it: many shops out there claim to be able to assemble PCB prototypes. Few, however, provide PCB assembly services that we at Sunstone can stand behind. But Screaming can!

What makes Screaming Circuits different is their deep technical expertise and dedication to quality and customer service. We're confident that with Screaming Circuits, our customers will receive the same extreme customer service that Sunstone provides, and the best quality product.

You can order your PCBs assembled through the Sunstone online ordering process, either add the assembly charge in one easy step, or by the click of a button we will send the PCBs to Screaming Circuits with Free ground Shipping.

If you need Full-Turn Key assembly contact one of our Customer Support Representatives and they will take care of your needs.